Smack! by Ben Wilson

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Another classic uit de zero's. Ben Wilson laat zien hoe je golven ript. Met goede instructies.


Ben Wilson has followed up his new action kiteboard DVD The Unknown Road (which we also have, with a surf instructional DVD. Ben is known for his hardcore strapless and unhooked riding so our first concern was that this would be all about riding strapless and unhooked, which is not the way most people ride. But fortunately it caters to both hooked and unhooked riding, although the word "strap" is rarely mentioned throughout the video. My take is that it's a very good video and very well done, but suffers slightly from "the guy who's teaching rips" syndrome, meaning that it has a pretty high-end emphasis. Some of the feedback about the Real Surf DVD is that it's very basic, and truth be told, that's the way all the Real DVDs are...on purpose. This one is at the other end of the spectrum. That said, there are sections on basic stuff like board and kite selection, safety, basics skill requirements, getting out through the surf, etc. etc. However, it progresses through all that stuff very rapidly. In fact, just about every single topic receives around the exact same explanation time, i.e. short. This keeps the video moving along rapidly and at no time does it become a boring instructional. Smack really starts to shine once Ben gets to the maneuver sections. He breaks down very subtle differences in board turns into different specific moves, and explains how to do them both frontside and backside, which is nice.


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