Stormsure wetsuitlijm 3 x 5gr

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€ 12,99 (inclusief 21% BTW)

3 kleine tubes Stormsure wetsuit lijm a 5 gr per stuk. Handig om kleine schade mee te repareren. 

These 3 small tubes of this excellent adhesive will stick virtually anything.  Use one and have two to keep for next time. Shelf life is several years! It is excellent for repairing anything that needs to be waterproof or airtight. It is highly abrasion resistant, and will glue together almost any two surfaces!  It is slow curing, so there is never a rush to get it right. You can even make a film with the glue and it will cover a hole with no need for a patch.

Repair rubber and leather boots, shoes, waterproofs, inflatables, tents, air mattresses, car soft roof fabric, wood furniture and many other things too. 


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