Kuntiqi Eco-leash shortboard 6'

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Deze Kuntiqi-leash is sterk en duurzaam. Gemaakt van gerecycled nylon in de enkelband en gerecyled urethaan in het koord. Dus niet extra belastend voor het milieu! Deze leash is geschikt voor shortboards. 

Kun_tiqi takes the next step towards a sustainable surf culture.

The use of recycled materials makes the Kun_tiqi “Eco Leash” a environmentaly friendly alternative to common surfboard leashes. The cuff and rail safer are made of recycled nylonand neoprene. Further more the urethan cord is made of recycled material too and improves the carbon footprint of every surfer.

The leash is the surfers most important security tool and can be life saving. At the same time it is the most stressed part of the equipment. That is why Kun_tiqi took their focus on high quality materials and extreme testings. 

Furthermore Kun_tiqi offers replacement parts for the “Eco Leashes”. Every part can be ordered separately. By using a usuall fin key, the broken part can be replaced by the new one. Like that no broken leashes will end up in the trash. This helps to limit the landfill and preserves our natural resources.

Kun_tiqi developed the “Eco Leash” in partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe. A portion of the “Eco Leash” sales price will be donated to “Surfrider Foundation” to help protecting the oceans and coastlines.


This is the Eco Surfboard Leash you can surely rely on!
Quality materials make the Kun_tiqi Eco Surfboard Leash strong, durable and longlasting. 

This leash was developed in partnership with “Surfrider Foundation Europe” to give security while surfing and to save the environment.
By purchasing the Kun_tiqi Eco Leash you support directly “Surfrider Foundation” to keep up their work on keeping our oceans clean.

The use of recycled nylon for the cuff and recycled urethane for the cord makes this surfboard leash a real alternative to common leashes.

What’s more it is the one and only leash which can be repaired. You can get all the parts separetely here in our online shop. Change the broken part easily using your fin key. Never again will you have to throw away the complete leash,now you can just replace the broken part easily.
This saves our natural resources and your money.

  • Double swivel
  • 1 year guarantee! You breake it- we repair it!


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