Clip trapeze-koordjes

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€ 29,99 (inclusief btw)

Based on independent parts, it allows you to replace any piece without changing your entire set.

An advanced design - under 3D computer model - EU manufactured with the latest mould injection technology.

Made in EU - Patented


Newest synthetic materials - Friction resistant materials, flexible at low temperature, resilient and UV resistant - Metal-free, rust-free, long life.

TO STORE - Taking the lines off the boom after sailing helps to keep their best shape and properties.

BACK CARE - Resilient material - Its molecular composition gives it a light elasticity which will help you to protect your back by absorbing heaviest sail forces without losing control - Line section has been designed to protect riders back as much as possible.

Two sizes - Small 20-28 & Large 26-34 according to American measurement way. An accurate system - readable line measurement.


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