Yoga for boardsports

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Because we all want to fly!

No matter what you consider to be your own magic carpet, Yoga for Board Sports will help you increase your flexibility while improving your strength, balance and mental focus. This means more energy, a shorter recovery time between sessions, and most of all -- unlimited stoke for the ride!

You`ll learn that yoga is not about executing a perfect pose -- yoga is about creating a sense of calm energy and focused awarenss that you can take with you onto your board -- and into your life! Whether you`re laying down a rail, carving a cutback or busting an air, Yoga for Board Sports will help you do it better!

Pre-Ride Warm Up (25 minutes)
Warm up all the joints and muscles you`ll use when you ride, and get energized and focused for a great session! These poses are all done standing, so they`re easy to do wherever you are -- no yoga mat needed.

Post-Ride Recovery (25 minutes)
Perfect to do after a day on your board (or a day at the office). These poses are all done on the floor for maximum stretching and recovery. You`ll feel revitalized and relaxed, ready to get up and go the very next day.


How to Breathe
Practice abdominal breathing to help you stay calm and focused in any situation.

How to Balance
Have fun with these balancing poses that build both inner and outer strength.

How to Meditate
Learn to develop a sense of calm energy to help you during your ride -- and in all aspects of your life.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Running time: 70 minutes of yoga instruction.


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