FWD Hawaii

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Take a look at the lives and times of young Hawaiian surfboard makers: Francisco and Lalo Goya, Keith Teboul and Pio Marasco. Accompany Designers, Shapers, and Businessmen and their team riders Kauli Seadi, Ricardi Campello and Josh Stone as they take on the windsurfing world. Massive Hawaiian Winter swells, never dared to be windsurfed Places in Chile, Mexico, Indonesia and a pocket full of contest victorys from todays freestyle and wave elite, will leave you behind in astonishment. 10 years after the First Windsurfing Video made by Tonix Pictures, 5 years after the 4 Play Video came out, a follow up of Plug`n`Play, the most successful video of this decade. The video "4 Play" is includes as a bonus film. Its´s now time for FWD>> Hawaii.

Extra Features: Trip to Indonesia, Keith and Kauli about Boarddesign, Kauli`s Freestyle, Lalo`s busyness, Slam Part, Don`t Push this bottom, friends.

Rider: Francisco Goya, Lalo Goya, Keith Teboul, Dario Ojeda, Frederic Steineck, Jason Stone, Jason Diffin, Kevin Ponichtera, Jason Prior, Josh Stone, Francisco Goya, Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, Boujamaa Guilloul, Levi Siver, Luke Siver, Victor Fernandez, Jonas Ceballos, Jason Polakow, Kai Katchadourian. Music: Liquido, Clawfinger ,Todd Hannigan, Inge, Wrongkong, Junkie XL, Joe Bataan, Die Tornados ,The Tape, American Eyes, Spout, Hometrainer, Turbo a.c.`s, Aloha ,Kenny Lavrin, Peter Pan. Length: 95 Minutes.


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