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Strap on your seat belt as you watch the worlds best windsurfers, ripping it up in wave and freestyle locations around the globe. From the crystal clear waters of Maui, to the smooth waves of Klitmoller and the ballistic winds of Pozo. Going on with the icy waters of Sylt and Cape Town and to the latest insanity on Maui.

Chapters: Intro Maui, 04 Gran Canaria, wave 04 Gran Canaria, freestyle 04 Sylt 04 Klitmoller, soulwave 04 Klitmoller, part a 04 Klitmoller, part b 04 Cape town, part a 04-05 Cape town, part b 04-05 Maui, part a 05 Maui, part b 05 (including freestyle special) Maui, part c 05 Crash part Running time 68 min Bonus: Trademark moves London indoor 05 Spot guide Maui Spot guide Capetown Josh Angulo interview Teaser, SPAM Teaser, Basic Windsurfing Running time 31 min.

Sailors: Jason Polakow, Josh Angulo, Alex Moussolini, Jonas Ceballos, Levi Siver, Scott Mckersher, Victor Fernandez, Robert Sand, Peter Volwater, Klaas Voget, Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, Kevin Mervissen, Kevin Prichard, Matt Prichard and many many more Music: Jokke, Stomped, CampSite, Yafobeat, Geeza, Echobelly, Little T aka. Natasja, Smashy Trashy, Soulmatic, Visual Block, Protassov, C Rayz Walz, Mystic Mc, Kid massive.


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